What We Don’t Do

We admit it. There are some things that we just will not do.

Canned Solutions

A Ferrari is a really awesome car; however, it’s not beneficial for every transportation need. The same goes for technology. We do not provide the same canned solutions to all of our clients. Every recommendation is prescriptive to fit the needs of the business and the environment.

Magic Shows

We can’t wave a magic want and make your technical debt disappear overnight. Technical debt is accumulated over time, and it rarely disappears in an instant. We can provide a clear plan for addressing technical debt in a manner that is minimally disruptive to your business.

Watching and Waiting

The days of the traditional NOC with a wall of monitors and staff waiting for something to go red are over. We would rather not sit idle waiting for something to break. Monitoring tools are great at that. We can help redefine your NOC or provide you with Virtual NOC services.